Planning Application for Fontenoy House – 17/00566/FUL

For clarification on the planning status of Fontenoy House, please see below. Although they had permission from the original planning appeal they are making sure of the 3 year renewal due in June.

The ‘Planning and heritage statement’ lodged with the application, states:


These are precisely the same as those granted permission on appeal. The application merely seeks to renew the extant planning permission. Essentially the proposals relate to the construction of two, 2 bedroom flats on the existing flat roof in the form of an additional storey set back behind the parapet wall. Access to the flats would be from the existing two internal staircases although an addition to the existing external fire escape staircase would be formed at the rear of the building. The proposed new storey would have a flat roof with vertical walls clad in a rainscreen facade to complement the brickwork below.’

And also:


There has not been any material change in circumstances since the grant of planning permission by the Planning Inspectorate in June 2014 and as such there are no valid planning reasons not to renew the permission granted that is still extant.’

This document and all of the other documents/drawings lodged can be viewed on our Public Access website by searching for the application reference.

Please note that this information has been taken from a document lodged by the applicant and we have not actually considered the proposal in any detail to confirm that it is correct.

This application will be processed in the normal way. Members of the public now have an opportunity to comment and a Ward Councillor has the option of calling it in to be considered by the planning committee.