Ten Gun Battery and Saluting Platform repointing

Works commencing Monday July 25th will repoint the priority areas of the seaward face of the seawalls at Ten Gun Battery and Saluting Platform. The aim of these works is to reduce the risk of failures during storm events, as there have been previous failures in past winters on these walls. The works will be supervised and managed by the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership as the shared service coastal team for Portsmouth City Council.

Caroline Barford, Coastal Engineer, Eastern Solent Coastal PartnershipIt told FOOPA, ‘It has been a long process with Historic England to gain approval of the materials to use on this, which we have now achieved and our contractor for these works will be the same contractor used on the emergency works following the damage which occur from Storm Katie. They learnt to work with the materials on these smaller works and will be taken this knowledge forward to these more major works.

The works will be commencing on Monday 25th July and due to complete by 9th September 2016. The due to the materials used there is a limited season we can undertake the works, so we need to undertake them during the summer months. The works will have a scaffold on the seaward side of the walls, with access up and over the wall from the upper promenade. Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the works, although during the phase for the Saluting Platform repointing (second phase) we may need to fence off some of the benches for public safety and access.

The site compound will be at the top of the access ramp off Grande Parade. Due to the nature of the works and heritage structure the works should cause limited disruption as the works will have limited deliveries and use hands tools. We will be placing project information posters on the approaches at the start of the works to inform the public with contact details should they have further queries.”

Guy Mason, Coastal and Drainage Manager, PCC has said that, “all reasonable precautions to prevent tombstoners accessing the scaffold platform will be taken.”